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Custom Built Business Workstations

ERP Solutions & Auditing, LLC ("ERPSAA") creates a unique line of custom built High-speed, Paradox™ Business Workstations. All Workstations ("WS") carry the full manufacturer’s warranty which applies to the components a client selects which comprise the final custom build. Note: Over the years we have found that 90-100% of the components we use typically carry a manufacturer's warranty of 3 years or more. In all builds, we do not sell any Motherboards or Processors that have less than a 3-year warranty. Storage Controllers, HBAs, (PCIe3), also typically have 3-year warranties and the type of storage a client selects (HDD's, SSD's, SAS, PCIe Flash) typically come with a 5 year warranty.


We also offer (at no cost and for the life of the WS*) a unique guarantee against the loss of data. We have offered what we call our Paradox WS No Data Loss™ guarantee since 2010. A copy of the contract may be requested for details, since there are requirements regarding data protection applications and storage backup techniques which must be adhered to in order for us to honor the Paradox WS No Data Loss™).



We also pride ourselves on responsiveness to unique client requests, however to maintain our reputation of selling some of the most Powerful Workstations for businesses and to know for certain we have provided a client the best solution for their dollar, while configurations may vary, there are certain components and specifications we require. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” way of doing business and at first our requirements may seem to be the most expensive selections.  This notion quickly fades when they learn if a company were to match what we build for clients, the cost would be double or more. 

Our Required Components:

designed by erpsaa
1. The Mainboard: A single or dual LGA 2011 v3 that is a Server or Workstation Class board (SSI)
2. Intel® CPUs.

3. PCIe 3.0 HW RAID Controllers for a client's main storage, we do not implement software, BIOS, or On-board RAID. As for backup, the storage solution is much more open and many clients already have in place what we require

4. ECC Registered RAM. While we will not force a client who is purchasing a single CPU WS to use ECC Registered Memory, and while most of the the server and Workstation Mainboards we use will run either, please download the white paper on ECC/REG Memory to understand why we feel it is critical. Also, for clients who purchase our service plans, 24/7 is the uptime goal. We do not offer 24/7 uptime without ECC/REG Memory, and we will not build a WS multiple CPUs without ECC/REG Memory.


There are no exceptions to numbers 1-3 and the only exception to 4 is a single CPU WS.


intel-core-i7-extreme-processor-logoWe build all our Paradox™ Business Workstations with Intel® mainboards and are partial to ASUS, but that brand is up to the client as long as it is an x99 LGA 2011 v3.


asus-logoWe use Intel® for single CPU Workstations typically the Intel's latest Core™ i7 Generation, 8 or 10 Core Processor and Xeons for dual CPU WS.




As indicated above, we highly suggest the use of ECC RAM. Please Download this .PDF to understand exactly why. As we mentioned, most of the Mainboards we sell accept both ECC and Non ECC (unbuffered), and we only sell Mainboards certified to run 24x7x365 at load and the propensity for error begins with Memory and ECC/REG Memory can avoid such errors. 



Lastly, our specialty is in the unique Storage Arrays we implement with each Workstation we have sold.  90% are all RAID-0 (unless a client requests otherwise) combined with per-installed Enterprise Backup and Restore, applications we require for our no cost Paradox WS No Data Loss™ on all RAID implementations, including RAID-0 and also if a client select PCIe3 Flash Storage. Our fastest Workstations run at speeds of up to 12 GB/s at full scale, with all flash running at higher speeds, depending on a client's budget. The controllers we sell are typically LSI (Now Avago) PCIe 3.0 Dual Core RAID on Chip (ROC) controllers. All Intel Controllers come from LSI/Avago.

We’ll build any type of storage array using any type of disks a client requests.


ERP Solutions & Auditing, LLC is not only an Intel® and ASUS Gold Partner, we have attained the status of Technicalintel-logol Experts for both Business and Consumers. Our Paradox™ line of Workstations cost 2/3 to 1/2 the price of commercial products, yet run at higher speeds, and carry a no data loss guarantee.  We have yet to find one commercial vendor who builds WS and storage arrays the way we do and also guarantees no data loss.  


The pictures below are an older LGA 20011 build with a Full Tower, accommodating (ATX, CEB and EATX), 4 Hot Swap Bays, two 5.25” Thermaltake Backplanes, each with two 40MM Fans, and each of which hold 6 x 2.5” drives. The Hot Swap Bays holds 4 x 3.5” HDDs, or 2 3.5” HDD’s and a redundant PSU.  


The storage array contains 8 x 240GB OCZ Enterprise Drives, 90,000 IOPS each and are run with an LSI® 9271 8i MegaRAID™ PCIe 3.0 x8 “ROC” Dual Core 800 MHz processor with 1 GB of DDR3 RAM.


The Mainboard is the LGA 2011 ASUS P9X79 Workstation Board, SSI CEB and a total of 40 lanes, none of which are Legacy and which accommodate up to four GPU's.     lsi-prefesrred-logo


The LSI® 9271 8i MegaRAID™ Card is pictured with a small $7 exhaust fan built to go with the card and whichlsi-9271-hw-megaraid-pcie 3.0 removes more heat, cooling the card well below Spec. 


The CPU is an Intel® Core™ i7-3930 Processor (3.2GHz and 3.8GHz Turbo) and we delivered the WS to the client with the CPU locked in at 4.5GHz and it rarely makes it over 47 degrees Centigrade, with one Thermaltake® Self-contained CPU cooling system and 7 fans, strategically placed. 


There are 3 ASUS GeForce GTX 680 GPU’s, 4GB each, SLI'd.  They are used to power dual 1920 x 1080i digital Monitors, and the system is used for DNA modeling


What follows are some photographs which do a much better job

explaining how our Workstations are built.














2 x SAS expanders hooked into dual 5.25" Backplanes, each holding 4 x 240Gb OCZ Vertex Enterprise SSDs










Backplane and front Chassis


two-5.25 inch backplanes-hold-6-ssds-6-sas -EACH



cooling-a-raid-card-pull-heat-outHow to further cool a


with a $7








The trick to Cooling a CPU is

using a self-contained Liquid

Cooling Radiator, (Push/Pull) dual

fans and fans on each end)

and to never allow the CPU to

even get above 55 degrees

Centigrade Max. at 4.5GHz.










apps-workstationsPower Supply 1200 Watts






Whether you're running Financial, Math works, ERP, CAD, or Photoshop, Storage arrays,

high-speed, unlocked CPUs, 24/7 Mainboards, and the confidence of knowing for a fact

your data will not be lost, is what we deliver!






back-up and restore







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