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Our Two-Fold Mission

As a Tier I ERP IT Consulting Firm:


We provide a service no company ever has; no company does, nor will any company ever have the ability to offer.


We never have, or ever will charge a client any upfront fee to lower the acquisition cost for the Net License, the critical first year support, 5-Year TCO and Long-term Annual Support renewals for new and existing businesses purchasing Tier I ERP Software (Oracle, JD Edwards & PeopleSoft). We have, and will continue to earn our fees based on a percentage a client has already budgeted to pay and would have paid had we not been engaged. consulting-pict-graph-up


As a Channel Partner

It is nothing new to businesses that many Channel Partners recommend solutions that are not entirely appropriate for a client's critical business need(s). To us, critical business needs are those to which a true and measurable benefit value can be assigned, which yields a hard ROI. Nothing less and always building in room, since a targeted focus, allows for this, while a haphazard (it will work and pay for itself) never does. To achieve this, ERP Solutions & Auditing has carefully selected the world’s Best in Class Enterprises to partner with and we steer clear of a “One Size Fits All Mentality.” Our loyalty is to our clients first. Period.


Because of our history, 80% of our Client based is comprised of very Large Enterprises and a few Universities and non-profits, simply because of the relationships the CEO and some key people cultivated during their years working in the IT Industry and there is a reason these same clients have followed us. The trust and confidence we have built over the years and because we continue to deliver; they continue to be loyal clients.  Some are new clients brought on through Active Cycle Procurement™ our distinctive consulting service.

That said, we are making tremendous strides and have focused a select group to head efforts to become the local partner to small and medium sized businesses (“SMBs”) for a variety of Hardware and Software Solutions.  To that end, we have begun by becoming members of the Burlington, MA and North Suburban Chamber of Commerce and are planning many local events.


The Enterprises we have Partnered with are the world’s biggest and best in class, yet each and every one (Intel®, EMC, Juniper, McAfee, LSI® and VMware) has specific programs designed for SMB’s.  ERP Solutions & Auditing, is one of VMware's few "DUAL" partners. This means we are a direct solution partner and our VCP can implement solutions and had over a decade working with up to 1,500 Host Implementations are large organizations, as well as starting off a small business with Server Consolidation. As a VMware Service IaaS Cloud provider, we save Clients money, but consuming services as the need arises, which is why offering a Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud, we can bring all a Clients VDI's and vServers into the Cloud and at the same time, provide cut over DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) combined with what VMware will be announcing in 2016 and which will be offered by all Service Providers. Our rentals can be for as little as a Month, or 3 years. Client need drives us. As your SMB partner, we will cut through the red tape of dealing with the best World’s largest Hardware and Software Companies and we are local to New England. 




IT Solutions should not be complex to purchase and we enjoy cutting through red tape!


Thus, when it comes to us working very hard to earn the right to be called your local partner; we are driven by one prevailing principle which results in us delivering excellence. 


When your business grows, our business grows and like you, we are also a local Small Business.   



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