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Active Cycle Procurement™ Value Added Services


ERP Solutions & Auditing provides a number of no cost Value Added Services during an Active Cycle Procurement™ engagement and

never at an extra cost. This includes: Negotiating support caps and price holds, if the price holds are of value. Not all are since they

become part of your Software License and Service Agreement (henceforth SLSA) and the wrong price hold(s) could be detrimental to obtaining the lowest Net License on future purchases. We also include obtain approval for critical Terms & Conditions, which are

overlooked, yet easy to obtain. Some examples:


Terming your new SLSA as long as possible to avoid potential legal reviews on future purchases, License Assignment Rights, and

Divested Entity Usage Rights. If a client divests a portion of their business, the disruption caused if the divested entity has no ERP

System in place, typically requires purchasing a temporary Cloud Solution, and a data migration. Then a new procurement, with a second

data migration to the OnPremise system. Divested entities may continue to use the the same ERP system for up to 1 year. and can

purchase the existing licenses, or purchase Net New licenses, thus reducing support. We make certain language is added agreeing that an audit will not unreasonably interfere with business activities, that the audit is conducted by Oracle and not a 3rd Party, and at Oracle's expense, Lastly, limiting an audit to once a year and adding arbitration language if permitted by state law. There are a much wider variety

of legal Amendments which we cover, as well as making certain where the Terms and Conditions are, using Order of Precedence and all of this is completed within an engagement at no additional cost.


Lastly, clients (especially long-time customers) need to have an exact record, (in one spreadsheet) of every single purchase and asset

the company has made and owns, throughout their entire history, all on a line-by-line basis. These reports should display what a client originally paid, the type of license metric, retired metrics, or new. Further, clients need to understand the associated support costs for every historical product. Many companies have products on support they have not used in years, and terminating that support can save $1,000's. Also, older metrics on support can be highly valuable in a Migration, all license sets and CSIs, etc.


A final note on asset reports and two reasons Clients do not have these detailed historical reports:


1. They have not asked, because they do not know what to ask for.


2. They have asked, and despite providing a good enough description of what they need, the representative has no idea how to run one of these reports.


We take care of obtaining these reports for a client, even if it takes walking their representative through the process. If you would like to see an example of what a TRUE ASSET report looks like, Contact Us and we will email you a fictitious, but accurate example. &



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